The purpose of Code of Ethics

The OpenSM Alliance was founded by project management professionals committed to professional excellence and to a common vision: sharing the benefits of the OpenSM Methodology with the world.

The Code of Ethics seeks to inspire OpenSM Alliance members and affiliates and help them maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. Comprised of aspirational principles that members and affiliates can choose to adopt rather than a set of standards that are enforced on them, the OpenSM Code of Ethics promotes professional excellence through ethical criteria that transcend typical professional and legal obligations.

Encouraging ethical decision-making and conduct, it aims both to complement organizational policies and practices and to facilitate their application. Outmost, the Code of Ethics reflects a consensus on the importance of “doing the right thing” and behaving responsibly towards stakeholders and society, while its application ultimately relies on members’ and affiliates’ genuine willingness to apply it.

The Code of Ethics needs to be signed by everyone who works with the OpenSM Alliance, as well as by the people and organizations that are certified by it. It is also expected that OpenSM Alliance members, and everyone who works with the OpenSM Methodology, will adhere to it.

OpenSM Key Principles

Key Principles

Commitment to Stakeholders: We keep stakeholders’ best interests in the forefront of our minds. We are willing to do the best we can to serve their interests and objectives, to protect their personal integrity, and to ensure their personal safety and security, individual growth and financial welfare. 
Commitment to Excellence: We endeavor to identify and follow best professional practices, and commit to continually improve our knowledge and skills in order to do so. 
Respect: We respect cultural, political and economic diversity: our relations, transactions and practices with stakeholders rely on mutual respect and appreciation.
Transparency and Truthfulness: We cultivate openness and disclose information appropriately to facilitate professional efficiency and promote trusting, mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships with stakeholders.
Trustworthiness and Accountability: We deliver what we promise, and take ownership of and responsibility for the results.
Integrity: We apply the principles laid out in this code consistently and will not compromise some in favour of others.
Social Responsibility: We are aware of our impact on the community and aim to promote a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable environment.



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