How did OpenSM™ get started and who are involved? Resolved


In 2022, based upon market feedback, there was proof for a wide need for relevant training and certification in the Service Management area.

The OpenSM™ Alliance (Open Service Management Alliance) was established to combine strengths in partnership, and to create one accepted approach in the market as opposed to fragmentation.

An Architect team, led by a Chief Architect and Lead Authors, and supported by a worldwide team of over 70 leading Service Management, DevOps, Agile, Scrum, Lean and Business Management co-authors, contributors and reviewers, from both the private and public world, was set up to create the OpenSM™ Approach.

OpenSM™ owns and governs the OpenSM™ content and certification scheme. OpenSM™ doesn’t provide training or sell exams.  Instead, it accredits organizations called Examination Institutes (EIs) who sell exams on its behalf.  The EI of OpenSM™ is APMG and the relevant Training Providers are available at APMG ATO.

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